Durban Property Photography

I have been photographing property in Durban for over 15 years.

It is one of my most favourite genres of work to do as I have had a deep interest in architecture and interior design since I was a teenager. Doing this work has afforded me the privilege of being inside some of the most amazing properties in the Durban area, including a commission for the New York Times in 2019.

I am now offering a video service for your property too. This is a basic showcase of the property highlights and has a duration of about 1 minute (longer videos can be done but are discouraged as research shows they won’t be watched much beyond 1 minute).

Also new to my offering is the ability to have a digital twin of your property made using Matterport. This provides an immersive virtual tour of your space where a “visitor” can move around from room to room and have 360 degree views of each. This is a highly desirable way of marketing properties to potential out-of-town buyers. You can also order floor plans off the Matterport scans.