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Product Photography

I provide affordable, quality product photographs on pure white backgrounds for entrepreneurs who want to display their wares on their online stores (including Amazon).

There is a minimum order of R1200 for any product photography shoot. I charge per photograph and there are different price levels for different types of products, depending on the complexity of the item. To follow is a simple breakdown of how jobs get priced.

Level 1: Basic Product Pack Shot – Single Item (excluding clothing)

If you have products that are non-reflective, non-translucent, not predominantly white and consist of one item that does not require assembly (eg. bags, solid packages), you will pay

R60 per photo

Editing for this level is basic colour correction only. White backgrounds will be blown to 255,255,255 RGB in post processing, but there is no deep etching (clipping path) included in these types of shots.

Level 2: Compound Product Pack Shot – Multiple Items

On this level your product comprises more than one piece that make up a single product (eg. chess sets, crockery sets, etc) and they are all solid, non reflective and not predominantly white. For this level you will pay

R120 per photo

Editing is the same as level 1.

Level 3: Complex Product – Single Item

If your product is one or more of the following; highly reflective, translucent, predominantly white and it is only a one piece item (eg. glassware, mirrors, jewellery*) you will pay

R180 per photo

Editing is the same as level 1.

* jewellery is almost always complex so please check with me before assuming this price will apply. Some small items, like rings, require specialised treatment such as focus stacking, which will push the price up considerably as it becomes a labour intensive shoot.

Level 4: Complex Product – Multiple Items

If your product is the same as level 3 but there is more than one part to it, you will pay

R220 per photo

Editing is the same as level 1.

Level 5: Hero Shots

This level of product work is the kind of shot you expect to find on a magazine advertisement, such as high end creative setups, etc. There is no fixed pricing for this kind of work so please check in with me, describe the kind of shot you are looking for by providing examples, and I will get you a proper quote.


Optional Extras

Deep Etching is billed as a separate service and each product needs to be examined before a price can be applied. Sometimes we outsource this work, especially if it is a complex edge (jewellery chain links, eg).

On Location work can be undertaken provided there is sufficient volume. An additional mobile studio fee of R1000 per shoot session is added to the above prices.

A Collection & Return Service for products in the Durban metropolitan area (within 30km of  the studio) is available at R150 round trip. We can also service clients from out of town via courier service.

Terms & Conditions

New clients pay 50% deposit to book a job in and the balance on delivery of the images (I use Dropbox, Google Drive and Adobe Cloud as delivery options).

Copyright remains mine unless an exclusive license is negotiated. Basically this just means that I am allowed to use the images in my portfolio or on other platforms to promote my work.