About Me

Dallas Dahms

Some of my other websites:

www.fotozones.com (for photographers)

www.photographers.travel (for adventurers)

www.dallasdahms.net (for website owners)

www.dallasdahms.xyz (for writing)

As a former marketing professional I understand how important good quality, reasonably priced photography is to your business. Whether your business is selling goods online, property, travel destinations, or even just showing yourself off to prospective employers with a professional head shot, great images will go a long way to helping you achieve your aims.

That’s where I come in.

I am primarily a business photographer, meaning that I make photos that help businesses and individuals put their best selves into the market place. The main areas I focus on are explained in the various pages of this site, so please go have a look around. The work shown here is spread out over a 10 year professional career and is constantly being updated. Also be sure to check out my blog for my standout projects and commissions.

Apart from my photography career I also create and host websites for other people (check out www.dallasdahms.net for the info on that), and I take people on photographic adventures, or safaris as we like to call them in these parts (go see www.photographers.travel for that). I also like to write (see www.dallasdahms.xyz).

Things I like: Indie rock, Hiking, Interior design, Architecture, YouTube, Netflix, Travel, Acoustic guitars, Ford Mustangs, Land Rover Defenders, Diver’s watches, Beef curry.

Things I dislike: Egomaniacs, barking dogs, cooking shows, movies longer than 90 minutes. I’d rather watch a bunch of short videos on Youtube than sit through anything Hollywood is making these days.

Bucket List: Explore North America in a camper van for at least 2 years, sail across an ocean in a yacht, have dinner with Sir David Attenborough, write a memoir.