As a property photographer I sometimes get asked by interior decorators near me to photograph their work so that it can be added to their portfolio. This is quite different to regular real estate photography because while I am essentially photographing a room in both instances, when I am producing property photography for things like real estate I am telling a different story, one of flow and orientation more than anything else. Typically for real estate I stand in each corner of the room and produce images that will show the potential buyer what they can expect and how each room relates to another. I want them to imagine moving through the home as if it were their own. I also want them to imagine their own furniture in the space, so the wide angle lens is the weapon of choice.

With interior decor photography the approach is on the mood of a room and specifically how the objects in the room project that mood. Sometimes I will use a wide angle, but then I will also narrow my attention down to the way objects relate to one another. There’s this balancing act between context and subject that is important to any designer. How do their chosen materials connect to the space and does the interior decor enhance the objectives they had in mind for their client?

Recently I was asked to photograph this house for a new client and I took a great deal of time to understand what the designer was looking to say with their work by listening to what was important to them. In this instance the bedside arrangements and objects d’art were critically important. Hopefully that shines through in this small collection.

If you would like to commission me for your interior decor photography project please get in touch to discuss, or if what you see on this website is enough to convince you that I am your man for the job you can order your shoot online by using this link.