I grew up in Addington Beach. As a kid me and my mates “owned” the entire beachfront, from the famed Pickin Chicken restaurant all the way south to the harbour mouth. It was our playground. We swam and surfed there, we built sandcastles, we collected sea shells, entertained bikini clad girls who trekked in from the suburbs on long summer days. Before the Point Development slowly took shape we used to play on the abandoned soccer fields that overlooked Vetch’s Beach and its submerged rock pier. I learned how to drive on those fields and I also nearly died as a passenger on a motorcycle that a crazy friend tried to wheelie very close to the edge of the cliffs above that beach. I still have an exhaust burn scar above my ankle to remind me of that experience. Thanks Marcus. To say that I know the area like the back of my hand would be an understatement. It’s a part of me and my history.

And it is to this area that I find myself returning often these days to photograph the many new luxury apartments that line my old stomping grounds. I have lost count of the number of apartments that I have photographed in this area for holiday rentals / Airbnb hosts or hosting agencies. My most recent assignment in the area was for a stunning 3 bedroom apartment situated right on the front line of the Point Waterfront, amongst the canals.

Front facing apartments in The Quays offer stunning views all the way up the coast. This particular unit has an amazing patio with a frameless glass enclosure that operates like stacking doors. You can have them open and breathe in the salt air, or if it’s too windy you can close them up but still enjoy the same view without any obstructions. This unit has an open plan kitchen / living / dining area and it also has quite a unique bathroom in the main bedroom. A pair of frosted glass doors can be opened letting you see through the bedroom and take in the ocean views beyond it. Oh yes, all 3 bedrooms are ocean facing.

One of the best things about the area is that you are now literally on the doorstep of the recently extended promenade. Coming out of the building you can walk a few steps from a bridge that goes over the canal and plant your feet on the sands of the sedate Vetch’s Beach, probably the best swimming beach in Durban as it is mostly sheltered from the swells who’s energy the harbour piers absorb. There are restaurants at the harbour mouth and of course at uShaka Marine World, jut a couple hundred metres north.

As a holiday destination you don’t get much better value than this. Check out the Airbnb listing here. And if you have a unit you’d like to get photographed for your own listing you can find our packages here.