A Marvelous Kitchen Renovation

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One of my secret passions is interior design. I spend an inordinate amount of time devouring house tours on websites like Houzz and Apartment Therapy. So when I get the chance to do any kind of property renovation or design related photography myself I am in like Flynn.

A designer asked me last year to do some before and after photos of a kitchen renovation she was doing. The previous kitchen was, as you can see, pretty neat and tidy, but definitely stuck in the 80’s with the saddleback style pine cabinets and not a very nice granite top (those super-speckled stones remind me of those over-glossy American RV’s you see on some travel shows).

Several months later I returned to quite a transformation! As you can see the whole room is a lot brighter with the off-white cabinets, wood style floor tiles (they are actually ceramic) and light quartz counter tops. Chatting to the designer while doing the photos was quite interesting as she related the difficulties they went through with the various contractors used in the job. Having gone through 2 small kitchen renovations myself I can only imagine how stressful such a big undertaking like this must have been.

Anyway, the result was definitely worth the pain and I’m sure the owners will be very happy with their new bright meal preparation area.

Here’s the old kitchen:

Dallas Dahms Photography www.dallasdahms.com

And contrasted with the new:

Dallas Dahms Photography www.dallasdahms.com


Dallas Dahms Photography www.dallasdahms.com


Dallas Dahms Photography www.dallasdahms.com


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