Over the course of the past year or so I have photographed over 400 homes for real estate agents, private sellers, short-term rental owners and even the New York Times. I know as soon as I walk into a space whether I would like to live there and when I shot this particular home in April of this year I quite literally fell in love.

It’s an architecturally interesting space, with high, open beam ceilings, open plan living and a great flow to everything. There’s a sense of unity here, but at the same time each space is unique and tells its own story. From the industrial polished concrete floors that meet old hardwood at the entrance, to the painted but unplastered brickwork on the walls and the rustic yet modern furnishings, the entire home brings you into urban chic that delights and entices your eyes.

The master bedroom runs the entire length of the southern wall of the building, including an open plan bathroom and has sliding doors that open to a private balcony overlooking the garden. Downstairs are the bedrooms and a small, but cleverly lit office, as well as a second sitting room adjoining one of the bedrooms.

I found myself being constantly drawn back to these photos long after I had submitted the job to my client, hoping that somehow I might will its title into my name. Alas, somebody with great taste and a matching pocketbook snapped it up shortly after the listing went live. I know that they will be fabulously happy living there. Maybe they will want a tenant?