The fearless longboard riders descended on Glenwood, Durban again this weekend for another high speed event. Literally. Riders from all over the country took part in yet another downhill race along Alan Paton road in Glenwood, which just so happens to be located at the bottom of the road I live in. There were thrills and spills, lots of loud music and the spectators saw the top riders reaching speeds exceeding 70kmh as they made their way down the track.

I positioned myself in the dead centre of the intersection between Manning Road and Alan Paton, same place I got my best shots from last year. This time around I was completely differently equipped. Last year I was shooting my Nikon D700 and Sigma EX pro zooms, including the 120-300/2.8 and 70-200/2.8, but this time out I had my Olympus E-M1 and an older Olympus 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 four thirds zoom on an MMF-2 adapter. I was concerned that the auto focus tracking would let me down, but oddly enough looking through the hundreds of shots I took at this event, I got way more keepers than I did last year. Especially with the panning shots.

Some things I learned from this shooting experience are that I should have switched off the IBIS on the Olympus while panning, or at least adjusted it to only dampen up/down movement because I have found some of the shots have a double image that I can only attribute to the sensor shifting at the exact time of exposure. I should also have used a slower shutter speed on these, probably down to about 1/50sec would have worked better, but it was a really bright day and even at 1/100sec at ISO 100 I was over-exposing. I really should invest in a variable ND filter for this bigger lens if I am going to do more of this type of thing.

Here are my selected pics from the day.