If you are a home owner and you’re looking to put your valuable asset onto the marketplace, do you think it is acceptable for an estate agent to photograph your property with their cellphone and then you pay them up to 8% of the final selling price in commission (if by some miracle they manage to attract a buyer)? I don’t think so. 

Yet this is the exact approach of many so-called “professional” estate agencies out there. They will get you to sign a sole mandate for a few months, but when it comes to putting their own money into marketing your property by making use of a professional real estate photographer, you may as well book a trip to the moon. It ain’t gonna happen. 

Some of the photos I see on portals such as Property24 give me the shivers. It’s painfully obvious that the person taking the images doesn’t have a clue about how to present a property to somebody who is looking to buy one. They take poorly exposed pics of toilets, basins, burglar guards, built-in cupboards and numerous other “features” that give the viewer absolutely no idea on their context.

Good RE photography isn’t simply about standing in a corner of a room with a wide angle lens and then tripping the shutter. It’s about telling the story of the space. How do rooms link in to one another? Can a potential buyer visualise their own furniture in the room? Do the photos show the way light enters the space naturally?

My approach to real estate photography is exactly that: telling the story of the space. Where is the WC located? Where is the light in the living room coming from? Some RE photographers approach a space with an extremely wide angle lens and also bounce flash all over to make the room look evenly lit. There are some serious problems with this method because they both render the space in a completely unnatural way. A prospective buyer sees the photos, arrives for a viewing and walks into a living room that looked like a grand hall in the ads, only to find that they can’t swing a cat in it. They’re disappointed, you as the seller are disappointed, the agent is dejected and everybody’s time is wasted. It doesn’t have to be that way. Just get somebody to do the job right: a full time professional photographer who specialises in property photography.

Over the past 6 months I have photographed about 200 properties and many of them have sold within days of the listings going live. It takes me on average 25 minutes to photograph a 3-5 bedroom home and an equal amount of time to edit the images. I shoot in the morning, edit in the afternoon and provide the images to the agent or home owner on the same day. I have packages starting at R750 for a collection of 20 edited images of the property. For agencies looking to photograph multiple listings I have retainer packages starting at R6950 for 10 properties, reducing per listing with higher volumes and upfront payments. 

Contact me if you would like to make a booking.