A couple of years ago I had no idea what a “cajon” drum was. It sounded like some kind of Mexican take away food to me. Then I saw Dan Patlansky playing unplugged at The Barnyard and his drummer was sitting on this box thing, whacking it in different places to get different sounds and tones out of it. Turns out that’s what a cajon drum is. It sounded pretty awesome.

Recently I created a website for the Sycamore Academy of Rock and Ant, the proprietor of that amazing little school (the one that has taught my youngest son how to put his father to shame on the guitar) also hand makes his own brand of cajons right here in Durban, namely the Black Box Cajons. Ant recently asked me to take some product photos of his Black Box Cajons and I was very happy to undertake another photography project for him. These are amazing little instruments that you can get a lot of joy out of. Unlike a traditional drum set that requires a lot of setting up, these things go anywhere and can give you a variety of sounds, including snare (since they have one built in to the front sound board). They come in numerous finishes and two different sizes. The ones seen in the gallery below are all natural wood finishes, but Ant does make them in colours, like Ferrari red, etc.

If anyone is looking to buy one give me a shout. Ant has given me a mandate to sell! sell! sell! on his behalf. :-)