Standard Usage License

In compliance with section 21(e) of the Copyright Amendment Act No. 9 of 2002, when you commission me to take photographs of property for you, I provide you with a license to use the images that is limited to the purposes for which they were commissioned.

If you wish to purchase copyright outright then the images I take in pursuance of your commission belong to you 100% and you are free to do with them whatever you please, including reselling them, modifying them, or even relicensing them to another user. This is in compliance with section 21(c) of the Copyright Act.

You will need to let me know prior to commission whether you want to purchase copyright otherwise I will assume that you only want licensed usage.


Welcome! I am a commercial photographer operating in the Durban area, specialising in property and product photography.

Contact Info

Phone: +27 71 133 1733