Scenes From A Corporate Breakfast

One of the things I sometimes get asked to do is provide documentary photography of corporate events, such as special breakfasts, product launches and golf days. A couple of days ago I was at the beautiful Oyster Box Hotel at Umhlanga Rocks literally at the crack of dawn. Actually, when I got there the sun wasn’t even lightening the horizon (an unfortunate communications error between agency and client had me there about 90 minutes before the breakfast was scheduled to begin).

The kind of photos I like to take at events like this are mostly documentary in nature, meaning that I don’t pose people. My job is to provide a visual record of what happened and where it happened. Invariably this type of photography will end up in company communications, both internally and sometimes externally in newsletters and shareholder reports.


Welcome! I am a commercial photographer operating in the Durban area, specialising in property and product photography.

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