People who know me well know that photography is only a uniform I wear to meet an end. My first love is music. It’s been that way for me since before I can remember anything else. Memories of listening to my parents playing Elvis, Glenn Campbell, Ray Charles and Sonny & Cher records spring to mind when I roll back my life as far as my memory will let me go. I recall wondering how the musicians made themselves small enough to fit inside that magic box that sat on the floor of our living room.

Music is the mathematics of the universe. If you could peel away the silences of our daily moments I’m sure you’ll always find some kind of music playing in our minds. So listening to music is important, not only for the way it wires together our emotions, but for the way it allows us to resonate with what we feel at any time. There’s a very good reason why movies use music in their soundtracks. It drives our emotions. This probably explains why, of all the photographic genres I have covered, music photography is the one area that gives me the most satisfaction.

For the past couple of years I have been involved with a local music academy called the Sycamore School Of Rock, which operates from a church in the lower Glenwood area. My son has been going there since 2013 learning how to play guitar. When he started he knew nothing about playing guitar, but now he simply rocks the instrument. Hanging out with other kids interested in the same things has been of incalculable value for his confidence too. Last night the Rock Academy (as it’s more commonly known) had its year end concert at the church and once again I took along a couple of cameras to capture the show. The lighting was, hmmm… let’s just say there was light. Not the most exciting images I have produced, but I think a fair record of yet another Durban event I have been able to photograph. Enjoy the pics.

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