Small Product Photography
(In Studio)


Book a product photography session in our fully equipped Westville studio.

2 hours in studio. Time includes editing.
3 hours in studio. Time includes editing.
4 hours in studio. Time includes editing.
Whole day in studio from 8am - 4pm. This time will include editing.


We will photograph your small* products for e-commerce use in our studio.  We have specific lighting setups for different types of products that will allow you to get many shots taken in the time you have booked in for. If you are not sure how long your shoot will take, just let us know exactly what you need to photograph, how many items and angles are needed and we will give you an estimate.

In most cases editing will be minimal, you will get images with a pure white background. For complex items (reflective, see through, all white products, etc) you may need to order additional editing. Do check with us before booking if you are unsure how this all works.

If you require additional editing of your shots (deep etching, compositing, etc) please advise us. We will invoice you separately for editing if it is required.

* small products are things that are less than half a cubic metre in volume. 

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2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours


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