Hotel & Lodge Photography


Project based daily rate for hotels & lodges in South Africa.


Hotel & lodge photography for South Africa based establishments includes these elements:

  • Still images (rooms, facilities, buildings)
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Video clips
  • Matterport virtual tours (where required)

Unlike our other photography services this type of high end commercial work requires thorough planning and as such we need to assess the scope of each project before we can commit to the number of days needed to produce all the materials required for your establishment. Once we have engaged with you on the scope we will prepare a final quote encompassing all the requirements. The price on this page indicates the basic daily rate you can expect to pay.

Additional costs will be for subsistence & travel (S&T), plus any incidentals arising. This rate is for the photographer and assistant within the borders of South Africa only. If you are based in a SADEC country or are overseas please contact us directly for pricing.


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