Recently I was asked to photograph a car give away event for one of my ad agency clients, 34 Brand Activation who are based in Cape Town. The prize giving was held at the University Of KZN’s Westville Campus, which I might add is HUGE! I’d never been there before, so finding The Quad was an exercise and then finding parking near The Quad was even worse!

The shooting situation was very challenging as the clients had set up in the shade under a big tree, whereas the rest of The Quad was swarthed in super bright sunlight. Not a good situation for any type of photography because the change in contrast can be really difficult to meter, plus the car they gave away was white. I used an SB-800 flash on the Nikon D200 and set it to FP high speed synch. Not my best output, but I think the pictures tell the story well and the client is happy (which is all we can ever really ask for).

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