Recently I shot a penthouse in La Lucia for Engel & Volkers and I have to say that this must be one of the biggest “apartments” I have ever been inside. It’s bigger than most houses I have photographed in recent times. Not kidding. It was so big that I nearly missed the private swimming pool around the back of the unit. 

The “building” is called Royalton and you’ll find it high up on the La Lucia Ridge. It’s not quite a building in the sense of it being a high rise, more of a stepped complex built onto an embankment. In the satellite aerial shot below it’s the unit at the top that is under a tiled roof. 

Getting to the penthouse requires a drive up a serpentine driveway that reminded me of an episode of Top Gear they shot in Italy. It’s quite an experience in its own right. Once at the top you drive right into your double garage. Or you can park on the driveway since there are no other residents who would need to drive past your entrance. 

For me the grandest element of this apartment is what awaits you on entry from the front door. It’s just voluminous! There is this stunning staircase that will take you up to the second floor where there are giant bedrooms, a glass walled interior gym, magnificent bathrooms and of course another lounge area. While we are talking about large rooms, the master bathroom / dressing room appears to be larger than the bedroom itself. I actually felt myself getting a bit disoriented with the number of rooms and little nooks and crannies this home has. Did I mention there are enormous patios on both levels? 

While I was finishing up the shoot, chatting to the resident and agent I commented that if Frasier Crane was to have been based in Durban I think this is the kind of apartment he would have chosen to live in. Opulence and taste. A great combo. 

If you’d like to learn more about this amazing residence get in touch with Matthew Hubbard from Engel & Volkers. Full listing here.

Some pics of the unit below: