Icons of the 80’s

[singlepic id=1603 w=320 h=240 float=left]Yesterday I took the family to see the Icons of the 80’s musical performance at the Barnyard Theatre out at the Gateway in Umhlanga. I’ve been to a few shows at this lovely little theatre over the years, but I never took any photos there until yesterday. I took along two Nikon D700’s and a couple of lenses and quickly remembered how difficult it is to shoot this kind of thing, as well as how much I actually enjoy it.

The last time we went to a show there we were fortunate enough to get the centre table right in front of the stage, but this show is proving to be a lot more popular than many of the more recent Barnyard productions, so we found ourselves tucked away in the right wing. It wasn’t the ideal position for me to take shots from, but it could have been a lot worse. Ideally when I am doing gig photography I like to have total freedom of movement in front of the stage so that I can get a few different angles. A tad difficult at the Barnyard when it’s a packed house!

Anyway, the show was pretty good, but for me there were a lot of missing icons and also a few that I think the show could have done without (think anything connected to R&B here). As one of those members of society who came of age in the 80’s I looked up to artists like U2, Blancmange, Talking Heads, The Police, Tears For Fears, Simple Minds and many other 80’s giants who sadly took a back seat to such powder puffs as Billy Ocean, Billy Idol and a few other forgettable tunes I’d just as soon have left in the 80’s. Some Echo & The bunnymen or The Smiths and The Cure would’ve been ace, but I guess they have to keep it mainstream. It would have really kicked ass if they had been allowed to play a little louder and also have removed that stupid perpex screen in front of the drummer. I asked the musicians about that after the show and apparently it’s something the sound guys in charge insist on having in place. Something to do with the acoustics. Hey, I can’t remember acoustics being of much importance in the 80’s! Back then we were only too happy to play our music on ghetto blasters at full blast, even when the huge D cell batteries were down to their last and all you could really hear was the distortion (yeah, some things about the 80’s are not that cool – we didn’t have re-chargeable batteries back then).

So here’s a selection of the shots I took, freshly processed on my new Mac Pro using Lightroom 4.1 trial. Enjoy.

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