Humira Cares Workshop

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It’s not very often that I find myself working on a Saturday morning, but this past one saw me photographing a morning workshop for Abbvie/Humira, a pharmaceuticals company.

The workshop was for medical professionals and the organisation was nothing short of amazing. I have done a lot of this type of photography for event organisers in the past, but never before have I seen so much effort go into the small details before. The theme was a travel safari and on arrival in the Riverside Hotel Conference Centre they were provided refreshments (much needed on a swelteringly humid Durban day!) while listening to the sounds of the jungle amidst a collection of old suitcases and other safari props. Lunch was served in a meeting room converted into an Italian bistro complete with hanging plants, old time Italian movies on a screen and trestle tables. From there the lucky folks on this workshop were taken to another room for dessert where the theme was Paris.

Anyway, enough talking, here are a few of the images from the morning.


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