How Weddings Should Happen


Weddings, in my opinion, are supposed to be a public declaration of love and a commitment between two people to spend the rest of their days together as a married couple. It’s not about the dress you wear or the food you eat or the place you go away on honeymoon to. If those are the most important things being focused on during a wedding then I am afraid to say that the boat has entirely been missed by the couple getting married. If pomp and ceremony are more important than the deeper meaning of the nuptials then I call it a sad day in the name of love.

And so today I found myself at my cousin Julie’s wedding to Byron. A relaxed, informal affair held picnic-style in a local nature reserve. No tables, no walk down the aisle, no cheesy wedding music or post-ceremonial tradition of any sort. Byron wore shorts! It was a perfect assembly of friends and family dressed in casual attire, some picnic baskets with simple but engaging snacks were laid out in the garden setting of the reserve and some light background music was playing from a portable sound system. A breathe of fresh air as far as weddings go! Bravo Julie and Byron. This is what all weddings should be like.





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