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Recently I was asked by a regular client to produce some documentary photography of their annual golf day at the Durban Country Club. It was an all day affair, starting at about 9am and running to around 7pm the same evening, so I offered a flat rate package deal instead of billing for the number of hours I would be busy. There was a period of a few hours between the tee-off of the last 4-ball and the end of the play where I had to edit the photos on site and prepare a slide show that would be running on a projector as the players entered for dinner. This was a little trickier to do than I had hoped because while I could export the photos as a slideshow in a PDF format from my MacBook, getting it to play embedded in a Powerpoint presentation automatically proved to be a bit of a head scratcher. Fortunately there were some IT guys from the venue who figured out a way to do this without embedding the file and just letting it play in the background directly from the PDF so a crisis was averted. You’d think that in this day and age a program as universal as Powerpoint would be capable of reading just about any type of media. Alas…

I had never photographed a golf day before, but I know from experience in working with companies at other kinds of events what type of images they are looking for. The way I approached this event was to let the images tell a story, from beginning to end, paying close attention wherever possible to the company branding. I think I did well and the client was quite happy with the results, so hopefully I will shoot more of these days in the future. They’re a lot of fun! See for yourself below.


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