Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deliver my visual material?2024-03-03T06:58:20+02:00

We use the Google Drive as our primary delivery mechanism. Once your material has been edited and checked we will send you a link, either on WhatsApp or email. Typically your material will be available on the cloud for 1 month, after which time it will be removed, so please make sure that you download local copies.

Matterport scans are contained and hosted on their servers. We will send you a link to your 3D twin which you can add to your property listing, or embed using html on your website.

Do you stage / clean up the property before you shoot?2024-04-22T16:32:13+02:00

We don’t generally do this, but if there is something that we think would look better if it was moved we will do that (with permission, of course). Our expectation is that when we arrive the property will be ready for photography and videography.

How long have you been in business?2024-03-03T06:53:23+02:00

We opened for business in February of 2008, but have been photographing people, products and property for over 20 years.

What areas do you operate in?2024-03-03T06:51:42+02:00

We are based in central Westville, Durban, but are happy to travel to other areas for assignments. We do bill for travel if we are asked to provide services outside of the Durban Metro area (e.g. North & South coasts, inland, etc) but we will always discuss this with you before we accept your commission. If you have a big project that requires an overnight stay, or you are in a different province we will prepare a quote for you.

Why are holiday rental shoots more expensive than real estate?2024-04-22T16:31:47+02:00

The reason for the slightly higher price is because holiday rentals receive higher level editing than typical real estate images. We also find that we do more “on the job” assistance with staging and setup for holiday rentals.

Who owns the copyright?2024-03-03T07:32:07+02:00

You do. Plain and simple.

Unless it is agreed on by both parties to the contrary at the outset of a business transaction, South African copyright law is fairly clear in that any person who commissions work that they are paying for, owns the copyright to that work, be it photos, drawings, paintings, music, etc. We have no problem with this and once your photoshoot is paid for those images belong to you.

If there are humans in your photos you assume the responsibility of obtaining releases from them if you intend using the imagery for commercial purposes.

What if the weather is bad on the day of my shoot?2024-04-22T16:31:37+02:00

We check 2-3 different weather apps before we confirm any property appointment, but obviously these things can change without much notice. If it is inclement on the day you have booked for we can re-schedule for another day, but this could be up to 2 weeks later in our busy season (May-August).

Do you offer lifestyle product photography?2024-04-22T16:45:44+02:00

We do offer this, but it requires some planning on both your part and ours. We need to understand exactly what you are looking to do so a strong brief is a requirement for these types of shoots. You will also have to recruit your own models if humans are required.

Do you offer drone photography & video?2024-04-22T16:32:45+02:00

We have a network of licensed operators that we call on to provide this service for us. They bill us, we bill you.

How long do you keep backups of shoots for?2024-03-03T07:48:19+02:00

If you lose the images within 6 months of the shoot we will re-upload them for you and provide a fresh Google Drive link. If your shoot happened earlier than 6 months ago we will probably have them on file, but there might be an admin fee required to retrieve these files as they are stored on a different backup cloud service. Check with us.

Do I have to pay a deposit?2024-03-03T07:35:33+02:00

All our shoots are payable in full, upfront, unless we have an established arrangement with you. In rare circumstances we might consider a 50% deposit if the shoot value is high (e.g. on big product shoots or where we are travelling to shoot a hotel, etc).

How do you accept payment?2024-03-03T07:09:27+02:00

We have an online ordering system on this website that offers EFT or cash as options. When you place the order you will receive an email invoice with our banking details. You may also pay us in cash when you come to our studio, or make use of our Yoco speed point to pay for your shoot.

Do you photograph weddings?2024-03-03T07:38:02+02:00

Absolutely, unequivocally, emphatically, no. Same goes for anything to do with engagements, family shoots and other events.

How many products can you photograph in a 1 hour shoot?2024-04-22T16:33:14+02:00

It depends on a number of things. Firstly, what type of product is it? How many angles of it do you need? Will you be on hand to help move items in and out of the set? What sort of editing do you need?

Under our new system of billing for product photography we also include editing in the time, so we can’t give you an estimate of the time it will take without knowing exactly what you need photographed and how many items you have.

Which properties get selected for your House Tours blog?2024-04-22T16:32:22+02:00

Most of the properties that appear in our house tours are architecturally unique in some way. If a property appeals to us visually we will likely feature it in our blog.

Do you offer discounts to estate agents? 2024-04-22T16:33:25+02:00

Yes we do, provided we have a working relationship with your agency and you have a minimum volume of 5 listings per month that you can send us to. We’re fond of working out customised deals so it is best to get in touch with us so that we can discuss things in more detail.

How long does a property shoot take?2024-04-22T16:32:04+02:00

If we only do stills an average sized house (3-4 bedrooms) takes about 20-30 minutes, including exteriors. Yes, we are very efficient! For larger properties work on a maximum of 1 hour of us being on site. If you require “The Works” then budget for between 2-3 hours. Matterport scans take approximately 1 minute per scan.

Are your product photos accepted by Takealot?2024-04-22T16:37:39+02:00

Yes indeed they are. We have done many photo shoots for clients who sell on Takealot, so what we supply is fully compliant with their systems. This is typical for most other online selling platforms too, including Amazon and WooCommerce. 

Can you come to my premises to photograph my products?2024-04-22T16:32:56+02:00

Yes we can. We have a mobile studio and you can hire us, along with the studio for either a full or half day shoot. See here for those options.

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