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Documentary Wedding Photography

An Authentic Approach

I only do documentary wedding photography. I don’t do glamorous or cliched poses. I only take the important photos, the authentic ones. This is what differentiates me from most other wedding photographers. Knowing what makes a photograph special and knowing where and when I will capture those moments is what I do and I do it very well.

Years from now nobody, including you, will care what shoes or perfume you wore, or what you ate or whether you were in a field of dandelions with the setting sun behind you. When you want to recall what actually happened on your wedding day you’ll look at the documentary photos I took and remember the people who made the day real, especially those who may no longer be in your life. That is what is most important. That is what I believe wedding photography should be.

Pricing & Production


A date reservation deposit is R2,500 and it’s not refundable. This deposit fixes your spot on my shoot calendar for up to a year in advance. I don’t book weddings any more than a year ahead, but if there is a change to the date that doesn’t clash with my calendar you won’t have to pay another deposit.

The balance of the final quote for coverage is due  a month prior to your wedding date.

Shooting Rates

Simple. I charge R2,000 per hour for my time. Make up your own package based on the number of hours you want me for, with a minimum of 2 hours per assignment.

Please note, this is a labour only price and does not include any physical production. You will receive all the edited digital files that make my cut in both printable and web sharable resolution. You won’t receive RAW files. Any requests to re-edit files creatively will be billed separately.

Album creation is a totally separate business and if you would like me to undertake this for you I will give you a quote.

Album Production

As mentioned under the shooting rates tab, album production is a totally separate service that I will bill you for. You are welcome to have your own people do this for you, but if you let me manage it you can be assured of an excellent final product, printed on the best materials by the best in Durban. We will make the album together.

Rates for this service depend on the amount of time taken to create the album. Work on R300 an hour for labour to get to the final PDF and then add the costs of the album to that.

Turn-around from your wedding to the time you get your physical products is 8 – 12 weeks.

Social Media

I will create an album of up to 100 watermarked photos from your wedding which will be shared on my Facebook page. You are free to tag and share these as you like.

I also offer an option of a professional online gallery under your own domain name, where the same photos that are displayed on Facebook will be presented on your wedding website. We can discuss prices when you contact me.

Last Minute Bookings

Are you getting married within the next 2 or 3 months?

Will you be able to find a competent photographer who can help you at such short notice?

My calendar might have some open dates for weekends, so rather than leaving those spaces unfilled I would be happy to offer couples a significant last minute discount off my usual shooting rates if I am available to cover your wedding.


Transport for weddings more than 30km from central Durban are billed at R5.00 per km.

If your wedding is more than 90 minutes drive from Durban then the cost of overnight accommodation (including a second room for my assistant) will be added to the final quote.

Weddings with more than 150 guests will attract a surcharge of 20% of the hourly rate (i.e. R2400 per hour). The reason for this is because more people requires much more work on my part.

Wedding Video Service

I work with an associate videographer who produces outstanding wedding videos. Together we can provide you with a single price to do both stills and video of your wedding if we are both available on the same day.

Because we work together often you can be assured of our seamless efforts to co-ordinate all aspects of covering your wedding with our assistants.

Wedding Gallery

Below is a random assortment of photos from weddings I have been involved in. This will give you an idea of the kinds of images that I place value on and what I look to capture on a wedding day.