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Dallas is a Durban based professional photographer specialising in corporate, head shots, property, events and product photography.

Should You Include A Head Shot On Your CV?

2021-08-06T15:10:15+02:0019th February 2016|Categories: General|Tags: , |

Should you include a photograph of yourself on your CV or resumé when applying for a job? There are two schools of thought on this question. Some recruiters say absolutely not, while others say yes, you should. Those who say no to photos on your CV are of the opinion that putting one in there could prejudice your job application for various reasons, including gender or age bias. They often cite the example that there is a fear of potential discriminatory accusations against an employer if they choose to interview the candidate who looks like a model instead of the candidate who looks like Uncle Fester from the Addams Family. To avoid this potentially damaging situation they apparently don’t consider any candidates who have put their photo on their CV at all for this reason.

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Welcome! I am a commercial photographer operating in the Durban area, specialising in property and product photography.

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