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Every now and then I manage to get my ass off to the pier at North Beach and do what I love doing most – taking photos of the surfers. I grew up on the beach front and whilst I didn’t do a lot of surfing myself, most of my friends were either in the water or in the pub, so I spent much of my time between those two locations. :-)

The wind has been blowing like an army of dedicated Rastafarians this whole week, so today I checked out the Oakley surf report on my iPhone and they reported 4-4.5m surf at North Beach. I immediately thought, “Hell yeah! Time to put that new Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 to the test”, but when I got there the water was pathetic – and it was low tide. Maybe those Rastafarians took over the Oakley surf reports too?

Well, no surf, but my friend Clinton Van Der Merwe, who is a life guard down there, gave me a few good photo opportunities as he was testing out the city’s new Yamaha Wave Runner. He got some decent air and the Sigma responded very nicely, even though the lighting conditions were crap (to be polite about it).

Here are four of the best shots I managed. Click on FS to see them full screen.

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