The very last thing you think about when starting these body transformation programs is getting sick and how that can undo everything you’ve worked for in a very short space of time. I got back from my cardio session on Sunday morning and felt an all too familiar scratchiness in the back of my throat. A few sneezes during the day confirmed what I feared was happening: it’s time for my seasonal summer cold.

Every year, without fail, I get a cold in the thick of summer. I don’t know if it’s a body thing or maybe just something in the environment, but I can count on at least two or three days each summer when my nose leaks like a tap with a worn washer. I went to gym on Monday for my chest session and I really battled to lift anything, but I was determined not to let some stupid, untreatable human condition stand in the way of two weeks of progress. My trainer was a bit more circumspect and he warned me that training when you are not feeling well is extremely dangerous. People have dropped down dead when over-exerting themselves while carrying colds and flu. Nuff said. I took Tuesday off.

The funny thing was, I felt so guilty about not going to the gym for cardio on Tuesday. It was almost like playing hooky from school. I did keep myself in bed until around 11am, but by then I was already getting restless, so I settled down in front of the Mac and worked on getting some new lens resource pages up on I managed to get three done before my nose began leaking profusely again.

Today is day 16 of the BFL adventure and so far, apart from my trouble with the shoulder injury and the nose with the faulty washer, so good. I feel on top of things and I am definitely getting fitter. 6 minutes warming up on the rowing machine before this morning’s shoulder and back workout (at a pretty strong resistance) had me huffing and puffing a bit, but I think back to my first session with Kyle in December and after 5 minutes of low resistance rowing I was just about half laid out for the undertaker. Even better news is that I weighed myself after the workout and would you believe, I am 4.6kgs lighter today than I was on 9 January, 16 days ago.

It’s working.