Medical Conference Photography

Every now and then I’ll be booked for short blocks of time where I have to produce images for specific aspects of an event. Last week I was asked to spend a few hours at a client exhibition stand during the Association of Surgeons South Africa (ASSA) Sages Congress held at the Durban ICC. The

Photography ⋅ 14 August 2015

Olympus Weekend Safari

Join me for another amazing Olympus weekend safari at Nambiti Private Game Reserve. Here are the details(limited to

Photography ⋅ 22 July 2015

Another Olympus Weekend Photo Safari

The weekend safari I did earlier this month with Olympus went off really well. We had 4 excellent game drives and we got to see 4 of the Big 5, with the only one missing being the typically elusive leopard. Unlike the safaris I do in the Sabi Sands with Fotozones/ where leopards are easier to

Olympus ⋅ 20 July 2015

The Mayhem of The Durban July

The biggest social event in Durban is the Durban July, Africa’s richest horserace (or so the marketing says). It’s at this premier horserace that you’ll find yourself amazed at the lengths people will go to just to be seen. From the most outrageous outfits to the most glamorous, South Africa’s social elite throw everything at

Photography ⋅ 7 July 2015

Scenes From A Corporate Breakfast

One of the things I sometimes get asked to do is provide documentary photography of corporate events, such

General ⋅ 3 July 2015

Interior Photography

Yesterday I photographed a recently installed laminate floor in an elegant and well decorated Durban home for a long-standing client of

Photography ⋅ 26 June 2015

Not Your Average Family Portraits!

Now as you will no doubt figure out from the photos in this blog post, Kevin is a

General ⋅ 17 June 2015

Olympus iMfolozi Trail Blaze Report Pt. 3

The place where we were doing our wilderness trail was previously part of the Royal Hunting Grounds of

Olympus ⋅ 2 June 2015

Olympus iMfolozi Trail Blaze Report Pt. 2

Lying awake in my tent I had no idea what time it was because we weren’t supposed to wear our watches on this trail, or use our cellphones. It must have been close to dawn because I heard movements coming from all the tents. I decided that it would be an opportune time for me to

Olympus ⋅ 11 May 2015

Olympus iMfolozi Trail Blaze Report Pt. 1

When I got back from my safaris to Botswana and the Sabi Sands last year I couldn’t focus

Olympus ⋅ 7 May 2015

Mini Safari With Olympus

Since 2009 I have been leading photography safaris in Southern Africa for international guests via While those expensive safaris are very exciting for me to be involved in, one of the things I have always wanted to do is create affordable safaris for local photography enthusiasts, who I believe also deserve to experience a safari at a

Olympus ⋅ 5 May 2015

Rocking Out On MayDay

The Sycamore Academy Of Rock had yet another awesome gig night at Zack’s Wilson’s Wharf this past MayDay,

Music ⋅ 4 May 2015

The Beat Of Your Own Drum

A couple of years ago I had no idea what a “cajon” drum was. It sounded like some kind of Mexican take away food to me. Then I saw Dan Patlansky playing unplugged at The Barnyard and his drummer was sitting on this box thing, whacking it in different places to get different sounds and tones

Music ⋅ 6 March 2015

How Weddings Should Happen

Traditional weddings are not things I am very fond of. I find myself somewhat allergic to their staid nature. Everybody attending; gets all dressed up in uncomfortable clothing, travels to pretentiously over-decorated venues that are usually well out of the grasp of convenience for the invited guests, eats stupendously over-priced food, and sits at tables with strict family

Photography ⋅ 28 February 2015

It’s Your Move

South Africans are finally waking up to the reality of e-commerce and how it can work for them.

Photography ⋅ 8 January 2015

Trail Blazing With Olympus South Africa

I’m A Brand Ambassador! About a year ago I was approached by Tudortech, who are the importing agents for some

General ⋅ 4 December 2014

More Blues

Durban recently hosted its 10th annual Durban International Blues Festival at the lively Zack’s Wilson’s Wharf venue on

General ⋅ 28 October 2014

A Beautiful Noise

There are times in your life when you feel such total pride that it’s hard to describe in words. They say that your children are usually at the centre of that emotion and you know, they’re right. Kids are always an enigma for parents. You try your best as a parent to give them what they

Music ⋅ 20 July 2014

Photography at the 20th AIMS Congress

Recently I was selected as the official photographer for the 20th Congress of AIMS, which is the Association of International Marathons. These are some of the photos I took at the events held over the 4 days of the conference.

Photography ⋅ 10 June 2014

Photographing the Urban Descent Skateboard Event

The fearless longboard riders descended on Glenwood, Durban again this weekend for another high speed event. Literally. Riders from all over the country took part in yet another downhill race along Alan Paton road in Glenwood, which just so happens to be located at the bottom of the road I live in. There were thrills

Photography ⋅ 5 May 2014