Trail Blazing With Olympus South Africa

I’m A Brand Ambassador! About a year ago I was approached by Tudortech, who are the importing agents for some very cool photographic brands in SA (Olympus, Leica, Sigma, Velbon, SanDisk & Belkin) to become one of the local brand ambassadors for Olympus products. At that stage I had been shooting with Olympus for over a year

General ⋅ 4 December 2014

More Blues

Durban recently hosted its 10th annual Durban International Blues Festival at the lively Zack’s Wilson’s Wharf venue on the Bay. I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph the Fender evening on a few occasions, but this year it was extra special because my son and his Rock Academy band were one of the acts. They played

General ⋅ 28 October 2014

A Beautiful Noise

There are times in your life when you feel such total pride that it’s hard to describe in words. They say that your children are usually at the centre of that emotion and you know, they’re right. Kids are always an enigma for parents. You try your best as a parent to give them what they

Music ⋅ 20 July 2014

20th International AIMS Congress

Recently I was selected as the official photographer for the 20th Congress of AIMS, which is the Association of International Marathons. These are some of the photos I took at the events held over the 4 days of the conference.

Photography ⋅ 10 June 2014

Urban Descent May 2014

The fearless longboard riders descended on Glenwood again this weekend past. Literally. Riders from all over the country took part in yet another downhill race along Alan Paton road in Glenwood, which just so happens to be located at the bottom of the road I live in. There were thrills and spills, lots of loud

Photography ⋅ 5 May 2014

Durban Photographer Services

As a Durban based photographer I will be honing the range of my professional services to be more in line with the market needs in 2014. I found myself covering a lot more events in 2013 and as such this will remain my primary focus in 2014. However, I will be shifting my focus onto

General ⋅ 10 January 2014

Urban Descent 2013

Durban professional photographer covers the Urban Descent skateboarding event in Glenwood, Durban.

Photography ⋅ 7 October 2013

Event Photography at ICANN 47

Those of you following my (sometimes daily) musings will already know that I was selected to photograph the

Photography ⋅ 24 July 2013

ICANN47 Interpreters at work

I just finished covering the 47th international meeting of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers), which

Photography ⋅ 19 July 2013

Durban Event Photographer

I am frequently commissioned to photograph corporate events for companies in the Durban and sometimes outlying areas. The events range from conferences to produce launches and a few things in between. Each job is different and they come with various challenges, be it lighting, moving around the venue or even sometimes getting to the venue.

Photography ⋅ 26 June 2013